The English Language Centre has previously worked together with members of Shax Theatre Group, based at the Unversity of Hong Kong. They have recently been in touch with us to ask if we would help them promote a new initiative. Please read the information below.

Dear Students,

We Want You!

We are a HKU-based theatre group called Hong Kong Shax Theatre Group and we are on the hunt again for our annual productions this year! After almost 5 years, we are once again staging a double bill and for the first time (in almost 10 productions) attempting a bilingual project – The William Shakespeare Double Bill: Macbeth (English) and the Comedy of Errors (Cantonese). We are on the look-out for students interested in drama in any form: as an actor/ stage crew/ props & sets team member/ costume & design artist/ make-up artist/ production manager/ stage manager.

Interview/Audition Sign-up

If you are interested in Macbeth (English), please fill in this form to sign up for an interview/audition:

If you are interested in the Comedy of Errors, please fill in this form to sign up for an interview/audition:

Please note that it is possible to audition/interview for both productions. Production and/or stage duties might overlap between both plays.

About/Contact Us

Founded in 2010, we are an established group of Shakespearean addicts based in the University of Hong Kong. With a mission to promote theatre culture to local youngsters by providing them with an out-of-the-classroom educational experience, a chance to hone literary and language proficiency, and participate social inclusion, we bedazzle with an array of acting, dancing, singing, composition and live band play, alongside adaption to the modern 20th century. Our 2016 comedy The Two Gentlemen of Verona won Best Ensemble and Best Director at the Hecklers (hosted by HKELD). Our most recent play Love’s Labour’s Lost has garnered 5 nominations in five categories: Best Show (Non-Musical), Best Ensemble, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

If you are interested in knowing more, you may contact Simon Sharma at +852 6682 5440 or email us at

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Hong Kong Shax Theatre Group




我們是一個名為香港莎士比亞戲劇團的香港大學劇院團體,我們今年再次為我們的年度作品做大招募!經過將近5年的時間,我們再次嘗試兩場劇場,並在10年來首次嘗試雙語公演 – “莎翁二重奏”:《馬克白》(英)和 《難得糊塗》(中)。我們正在尋找有興趣以任何方式於舞台發展的學生:演員/後台人員/布景與道具/服裝與設計/照明與聲響/化妝師/製作經理/舞台經理。






成立於2010年,我們是由一群莎士比亞愛好者設立的香港大學團體。為了向本地青少年提供戲劇文化經驗,為他們提供課外學習體驗,和磨練文學和語言能力的機會,參與社會包容,一起演出 ,跳舞,唱歌,作曲和現場樂隊演奏,同時改編成現代二十世紀的表演。我們的2016年喜劇《維洛那二紳士》 獲得了(由HKELD主辦的)the Hecklers 最佳合奏及最佳導演。我們最近的戲劇《Love’s Labor’s Lost》獲得最佳表演(非音樂),最佳合奏,最佳導演,最佳女配角和最佳男配角 5項提名。

如果您有興趣了解更多資訊,請聯繫Simon Sharma (+852 6682 5440),或電郵至





香港莎士比亞戲劇團 敬上


Disclaimer: Shax Theatre Group is in no way associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by HSMC.