We’re thrilled to announce the ELC’s 2022-2024 English Cultural Festival! Below you can find the list of events and when they will take place. If you’re interested in participating in any of these events, be sure to look for emails from the ELC with further details.

Creative Writing Competition2023-2024
Edutainer Competition on UN Sustainable Development GoalsFebruary 2024
HSU Idol: English Singing Contest February 2023
Film Review Competition (Written) Winter Break 2021-2022
Self-sell Pitch English Video Competition Winter Break 2021-2022
Christmas Challenge Winter Break 2021-2022
English Cooking Video Competition February 2022
Dramatic Duologue April 2022
Film Review Competition (Video)April 2022
April Easter Challenge April 2022
HSU English YouTube Channels/ "Ask Me Anything"Year-round