This Week’s Grammar Mailbox question is:

What are some of the most commonly misspelt words in English?


Hurray for auto spell-checkers! Still, over-reliance on such tools may cause us to lose the fundamental skill of SPELLING! Let’s see how good your spelling (still) is! Identify as many spelling mistakes in the following lines as possible, with the naked eye!


  1. This College provides students with accomodation where they can get familar with each other in a causal way?


  1. Have you considered joining the Student Union, or even becoming one of their Commitee Members?


  1. This could become a dead buisness in the forseeable future. Therefor, the related major was not prefered by college students.


  1. Students can check the updated school calender at the begining of each semester.


  1. The fourty politicans were debating this goverment policy for weeks but all I heard were arguements and interuptions in the meetings.


  1. In the first month of the seperation, the baby panda showed considerable resistence to her natural habitat, as if it had been a foriegn enviroment. Now she is finally leading an independant life.


  1. It is such a bizzare occurance that this friendly occassion could have embarsassed him when he always seemed so thick-skinned.


Write your answers in the comments sections. We will reveal the correct answer in our next post!


Last weeks challenge:

You need to get your resume ready because you are asked to attend an interview ______________ next week.

  1. someday
  2. some day


The answer is b. some day. It is definite that you are attending an interview next week. What is still not specific enough is just the exact date.