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IELTS, British Culture and Stimulating Conversation

Conversation Cafe will be held in the ELC on Friday

IELTS Study Groups- 

Mon, Tues & Fri

There are plenty of IELTS Study Groups throughout March. Sign up to join a small group of students and a member of staff as we go through one of the four sections of the test. 

British Culture- Thursday

Join us and bring along your thinking hat as we take a look at some key moments from British history and how they influence the culture of today.


We want your opinion, so come along and let us know your thoughts.

Conversation Cafe- Friday

The Conversation Cafe will take place on Friday next week. The venue is A204 (inside the ELC).


Theme: Fun Facts!!!



We will discuss some lesser-known bits of trivia and you can feel free to contribute your own.

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