This Week’s Grammar Mailbox question is:

How does affect differ from effect?


The answer is actually fairly straightforward.

Affect is a verb that means “to influence.” Though effect can be a verb in some formal contexts, it is usually used as a noun. As a noun, it means “a result.”


The barking of the neighbor’s dog affects my ability to concentrate. The barking of the neighbor’s dog has a curious effect on my ability to concentrate.


Now try to place the correct word in the following sentences.

1. Wars _______________ everybody, and their destructive _______________ last for generations.

2. Television has a strong _______________ on public opinion.

3. My mood can _______________ my thinking, too.

4. I see that you’re trying to _______________ apathy, but I know that you really do care.

5. Falling on my head had a bad _______________ on my memory.

6. His years of smoking have negatively ____________ed his health.

7. This plan will surely ______________ significant improvements in our productivity.

8. The patient shows normal ______________ and appears to be psychologically stable.

9. The principal’s new rules _______________ the school.

10. Supply and demand have a direct ________________ on the prices of commodities.

Write your answers in the comments sections. We will reveal the correct answers in our next post!

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