At the ELC, we have plenty going on during the second semester. There will be workshops, study groups, competitions and our usual consultation service. Make sure you get involved.

IELTS Workshop Series

Between January and March, we will be hosting eight workshops covering test strategies for different parts of the IELTS test. Starting with speaking on 17 January, we will cover all four language skills with two workshops teaching you how to deal with that section of the IELTS.

You can register for the workshops here:

IELTS Study Groups

After you have attended a workshop (or even if you haven’t), you will need to do a lot of practice to prepare for the test. Instead of sitting at home alone and wondering if you are making any progress, why not join our study group where we can assist you in your preparations. Sit together with a small group of students and a member of the department, go through the test together and get immediate feedback. It helps!

Register for study groups here:

ELC Workshops

Other than IELTS themed events, we will also be running a series of workshops covering a variety of subjects that will help you both for your modules and in preparing for work life. These workshops kick-off with a session on 1-minute self-introduction videos on 18 January.

Register for ELC workshops here:

Conversation Café

Each week, we will gather a group of students to talk about topics that really matter in English. This is a great opportunity to get comfortable with speaking English, as well as expanding your vocabulary as we cover a range of subjects. We hope you will also experience interesting and stimulating conversation that will enrich your day.

Register for Conversation Cafés here:


We continue to offer our regular consultation service. We aim to help you out with all things English-related, with a special focus on helping those who want to join a long-term plan for developing their English. To book an appointment, go to our Services page, click book now and make sure you select ‘Login with Google’. You can then choose a date and time that suits you.

Special Workshop

Finally, look out for our one-off workshop on ‘Accents from Around the World’. We have invited special international guests to run a workshop on different accents. If you like it, we hope to run similar workshops in the future.

Register here: