UN Sustainable Development Goals Edutainers Competition

The English Language Center is looking for dedicated students to join our UN Sustainable Development Goals Edutainers Competition! In this competition, you will need to produce and submit a 15-minute educational video on one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (The 17 Goals). We will provide training on English video presentation skills and video editing skills to the participants!

The short video should aim at raising awareness about one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a creative way. It can include a short presentation about the issue, an interview with people affected by the issue, a short film, a song, a poem related to the issue, and/or any other creative and interesting ways to approach the issue. Please note that the video should be in English (if an interview involves languages other than English, please include the English subtitles).
Please make the video creative and impactful, so don’t just make a PowerPoint presentation that you’ve recorded yourself presenting. Adjudicators will rate each video based on the educational value and effectiveness of the content, English proficiency, creativity, and video presentation techniques (e.g., editing, visual-effects)

The deadline for submitting your video is early February 2023. Please fill out this form by 25 September if you are interested in joining the competition. Shortlisted students who are able to produce the video will receive altogether 4 iGPS units or 12 ECA/CS hours , as well as certificates and book vouchers.