Creative Writing Competition 2022-23: “Tell-tale Pictography”

If you like manga, comics, memes and anime, this is the perfect timing for you to shine! Create a short viral story by interpreting popular memes and graphics.

This year’s creative writing competition, “Tell-tale Pictography”, invites you to pick a picture and re-tell the story in the alternative pictographic universe.

What creative writings do we look for? We want to see your taste in popular culture, narrative writing skill, use of figurative language, imagery, and of course, creativity.

Submission Guidelines and Requirements:

  • Short story word limit: 1500-2000 words
  • One visual image with source (APA 7th Referencing Style) and a short caption. 

For example:

 A picture of three spidermen pointing at each other.

 Source: @hameed_shahir. “They literally recreated this meme not once but twice

 #SpiderManNoWayHome #PeterParker”. Twitter, 17 Dec. 2021, 8:50 p.m.,


Participants will earn 2 iGPS units or 6 ECA/CS hours. Finalists will be awarded a certificate and book vouchers as follows:

  • ONE Golden Award: $500
  • ONE Silver Awards: $300
  • ONE Bronze Awards: $200
  • FIVE Honourable mentions: $100 each

The awardees’ work will be recorded in the archive of the Department of English’s website.

You can submit your work to with the Subject “Creative Writing Competition 2022-23”. The deadline for submission is 30 January 2023.


There is a series of creative writing workshops that guides you through the creative writing process. Click HERE to join the workshops now!