This Week’s Grammar Mailbox Question:

Historic or Historical?


While both are adjectives, “historic” means having significance in history or having an influence on history.

“Historical” means anything occurring in or relating to history.


Activity: Historic or Historical?

  1. Our package also included photos, video, story, _______________________ timeline, readers’ memories and polls. (Seattle Times)
  2. The last one closed in October as the museum moves _______________________ objects out of its west wing for a major renovation beginning early next year.  (Washington Post)
  3. A private funeral for the rap legend will be held at the ________________________Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, just north of New York City. (Seattle Times)
  4. Germans have little incentive to save, with interest rates at ________________________lows. (Business Week)
  5.  Ralph Branca, pitcher who gave up ________________________home run, dies at 90. (Washington Post)
  6. Rutgers University Acknowledges ________________________ Ties to Slavery in New Report. (TIME)
  7. The Ankara shooting isn’t 1914. And ________________________ analogies can often lead us astray. (Washington Post)
  8. ________________________ WWII PT boat heads home through streets of New Orleans. (Fox News)
  9. Thanksgiving 2016 Quotes: All The Best ________________________, Inspiring, And Funny Sayings to Share on Turkey Day. (The Inquistr)
  10. Other blow-by-blow ________________________ Twitter efforts have run aground. (New York Times)
  11. Kugel regularly furnished ________________________ information that other Madoff employees used to fabricate trades, the government charged. (Washington Post)


Answers to last week’s challenge:

1.      This car has a powerful yet economical engine that is suitable for high-mileage drivers.

2.      The economic deceleration will likely cause a further fall in unemployment.

3.      The host will interview the winners and losers from current economic situation.

4.      The most practical and economical way to go around Hong Kong is by public transportation.

5.      It’s not about money – he is fine from an economic perspective.

6.      The economic forecast for next year is not good.

7.      There was a rise in unemployment due to the economic downturn.

8.      Solar energy for your home is expensive in the short term but it is more economical in the long term.

9.      The Chief Executive spoke mostly about economic policy.

10.  He is being economical when doing grocery shopping, by comparing prices in at least three different places.