This Week’s Grammar Mailbox Question:

Economic or Economical?



“Economic” and “economical”, though both adjectives, are NOT synonyms (= having the same meaning).


Economic (adjective): Related to the economy, finances, money matters or wealth.


Economical (adjective): Saving money or resources; not wasteful; thrifty or efficient.


Test yourself: Economic or Economical?

  1. This car has a powerful yet ______________________ engine that is suitable for high-mileage drivers.
  2. The ______________________deceleration will likely cause a further fall in unemployment.
  3. The host will interview the winners and losers from current ______________________situation.
  4. The most practical and ______________________ way to go around Hong Kong is by public transportation.
  5. It’s not about money – he is fine from an ______________________ perspective.
  6. The ______________________ forecast for next year is not good.
  7. There was a rise in unemployment due to the ______________________ downturn.
  8. Solar energy for your home is expensive in the short term but it is more ______________________ in the long term.
  9. The Chief Executive spoke mostly about ______________________ policy.
  10. He is being ______________________when doing grocery shopping, by comparing prices in at least three different places.