As a student of HSMC, you have privileged access to a huge collection of resources, some of which you may not know about. The library has licences for Oxford University Press resources that can be of huge benefit to you on your learning journey. Check out some of them below.

If you want to improve your vocabulary or need some help understanding the language of academic papers, there is no more reliable source than the Oxford English Dictionary. You have access to the entire online version.

Oxford English Dictionary Online

Besides, the Library has also subscribed to a list of Oxford’s reference and handbooks on various subjects for your studies. Click on the hyperlinks below and lead you through to the reference contents.

Oxford Handbooks Online – Business & Management

Oxford Handbooks Online – Economics & Finance

Oxford Handbooks Online – Linguistics

Oxford Handbooks Online – Literature

Oxford Reference Online: Oxford Reference Library

Oxford Reference: Quick Reference

Oxford Scholarship Online – Business & Management

Oxford Scholarship Online – Economics & Finance

Oxford Scholarship Online – Linguistics

Oxford Scholarship Online – Literature