Dear Students,

On 26th, 27th and 30th October, Mr Benjamin Chadwick will not be available for consultations at the English Language Centre. However, staff from the English Department will be on duty and available for consultations on a drop-in basis.

Please see the schedule below to find out who is on duty. You can contact these teachers by email if you wish to make a special arrangement to see them during these times.

26 Oct 2017 (Thurs)
9:00am – 12:30pm Dr Clara Cheng
1:30pm – 2:30pm Dr Clara Cheng
2:30pm – 5:45pm Ms Christine Ng
27 Oct 2017 (Fri)
9:00am – 11:50am Ms Christine Ng
1:30pm – 5:45pm Mr Flora Leung
30 Oct 2017 (Mon)
9:00am – 11:50am Dr Clara Cheng
1:30pm – 5:45pm Mr Flora Leung