The ideal path to fulfilling the HSUHK English Language Competency Requirement is: 

  1. Take ENG2000 Five-Day IELTS Preparation Workshop, or any other IELTS workshops offered by the ELC to understand the format and requirement of the Test;
  2. Practice and prepare BEFORE taking IELTS; and
  3. Take the IELTS (Academic Test).
  • Apply via the British Council or the idp Education
  • HSUHK’s English language competency exit requirement
    Attain a score of 6.0 or above in IELTS (Academic Test); 6.5 or above for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English, and Bachelor of Translation with Business (Honours)
  • Apply via the English Department
  • 3 hours a day on 5 designated days (15 hours in total) 
  • Non-credit-bearing
  • To be considered completing ENG2000, you must achieve 100% attendance. Please make sure that your timetable/ schedule allows you to all 15 hours.
  • Any early leave or late-coming without a legitimate reason will be considered NOT completing ENG2000. You may need to join ENG2000 again, all 15 hours once again. 
  • If you have successfully been given a place but do not attend any workshop, or you have not fulfilled 100% attendance, you will be charged HK$500 as the course fee. 
  • HK$500 deposit; refundable upon 100% attendance 
  • first come, first served
  • Apply via the English Department
  • Must have attempted IELTS twice and fully completed ENG2000
  • 3-hour lecture once a week, 14 weeks (42 hours in total) in semester 1 or semester 2
  • 3-hour lecture twice a week, 7 weeks (42 hours in total) in the summer semester
  • Non-credit-bearing
  • Pass = Complete and pass all assessments + at least 80% attendance
  • HK$2,000 non-refundable fee
  • first come, first served

About ENG2000 Five-Day IELTS Preparation Workshop

Please stay tuned to the ENG2000’s enrolment email, sent from

Sure. It should be noted that ENG2000 is offered on a first come, first served basis. You have to make a deposit of HK$500, refundable entirely upon your 100% attendance.

About ENG4000 English Proficiency Course

You need to enrol for ENG4000 again, on a first come, first served basis.

Useful Infographics (British Council)